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TurnKey Technology Services

Founded by former Concur employees and former Concur business partners TurnKey Services is the first software services company to specialize in providing professional services to SaaS customers.  Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience working enterprise applications, including some of the first SaaS offerings from the late 1990's.

Why Choose TurnKey?

If you are a . . .

SaaS Provider

SaaS providers should choose a partnership with TurnKey if they want to:

  • Increase service revenue without having to create process and procedure or actually deliver the services
  • Improve overall customer satisfaction
  • Accelerate growth without investing in staff or infrastructure
  • Be more competitive in the marketplace
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Concur Customers

Concur customers should choose TurnKey if they want to:

  • Be more effective with Concur's application
  • Decrease internal and external Concur related costs
  • Improve operational efficiency around Concur's application
  • Move Concur integrations to the cloud
  • Reduce the time it takes to reimburse employees and audit expense reports
  • Outsource any manual Concur related work to a 3rd party
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SaaS Customers

SaaS customers should choose TurnKey if they want to:

  • Improve their effectiveness with SaaS applications
  • Decrease internal and external costs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Have a successful and efficient implementation
  • Integrate their SaaS application in the cloud
  • Have a successful business relationship with their SaaS vendor
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