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TurnKey Services for SaaS Providers

Software as a Service has been a game changer for developers and customers alike. With SaaS it is much easier for smart engineers to get their applications in front of customers. SaaS also makes it easier for those customers to subscribe and deploy applications across an enterprise. However, customers need and want great service from their vendors. They expect it. But not all software developers are well positioned to deliver great services to customers. TurnKey specializes in serving Software as a Service customers on behalf of SaaS providers. Let TurnKey be your service department and realize:

  • Increased revenue
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Accelerated growth
TurnKey enters into multi year partnerships with SaaS providers, ultimately becoming all, or part of, their service department. TurnKey provides professional services to the SaaS provider's customers. These are "white label" services that are branded, sold and marketed by the software company as if they were their own . . . but they are expertly delivered by TurnKey.

A partnership with TurnKey allows a SaaS company to provide robust services without adding staff, creating process, inventing procedure or building infrastructure. This gives the SaaS provider the opportunity to drive revenue in the form of premium services not previously offered. Premium services from TurnKey also increase customer satisfaction and produce a tighter relationship with customers who receive not only software but also numerous services from their software vendor.

Saas Services from TurnKey
Professional services from SaaS companies come at three stages during the client's lifecycle. The stages include:
  • Pre-Sale / Pre-Implementation – before the prospect becomes a customer
  • Implementation – as the new customer deploys the SAAS application
  • Post Go Live – once the customer is live and in production
  • TurnKey can provide services on behalf of a SaaS provider at any, or all, of these stages. More>
    Pre-Sale services from TurnKey can help a SaaS provider find prospective customers, demonstrate the application to them, and/or prepare a new customer for implementation. Implementation services from TurnKey help the customer successfully implement the SaaS application; including everything involved with both sides of a SaaS implementation project. Once the client is live, Post Go Live services from TurnKey support the client with a wide range of services for users and administrators alike.

  • SaaS Pre-Sale / Pre-Implementation Services from Turnkey:

    Pre Sale services from TurnKey will help a SaaS company build a pipeline. Once that pipeline is built, TurnKey can provide experienced sales and marketing professionals to help demonstrate a SaaS application to interested prospective customers. As a customer makes a buying decision and prepares to implement, TurnKey's experienced professionals can make sure your new customer is ready for a successful implementation. Pre Sale / Pre-Implementation services from TurnKey ensure that the SaaS Provider: More>
    • Finds quality opportunities
    • Successfully presents the application, use case and value proposition
    • Prepares the customer for a successful and efficient implementation
    Pre-Sale / Pre-Implementation services from TurnKey lay the groundwork for the best possible business relationship between the SaaS provider and customer.

    SaaS Pre-Sale / Pre-Implementation services from TurnKey include:

    Outbound Call Center:
    A group of dedicated callers focused on your SaaS application calling into your target market on your behalf. Ideally suited for appointment setting or marketing campaign support.

    Presale Engineering:
    Experienced and talented presenters to support your Sales staff in client facing presentations. Helps get your application demonstrated in front of more prospects.

    Implementation Readiness Consulting:
    An assessment of the customer's readiness to successfully complete a successful implementation of your SaaS application. Ensures your customers are ready before assigning valuable professional services resources.

    Business Process / Strategic Consulting:
    Review and optimize related business processes prior to SaaS implementation.  Including any and all aspects of the customer's internal business processes to be affected by the new SaaS application. Includes change and risk management plus global business process review and international deployment preparedness.  

  • SaaS Implementation Services from Turnkey:

    Every SaaS implementation requires at least two teams – the SaaS provider's implementation team and the customer's team. Customers are typically responsible for internal work during a SaaS implementation including:  Project management, functional configuration, technical integration, testing, change management and so on.  TurnKey provides experienced resources to support, or act as, the customer's project team and/or the SaaS provider's implementation team. SaaS Implementation services from TurnKey ensure that:. More>
    • The customer and the SaaS provider deploy the required resources for a successful and efficient implementation
    • The implementation is completed on time
    • The customer makes the best possible decisions during implementation

    SaaS Implementation Services from TurnKey include:

    Project Management:
    The overall Project Manager for all aspects of the implementation, either on the client's side, the SaaS provider's side, or both. Includes the preparation of a project management plan compliant with PMI methodology covering all aspects of the project.

    Strategic Consulting:
    Provides strategic consulting on business process review / re-engineering, change management and global deployment from the kickoff meeting through initial roll-out.  Will be responsible for planning the global deployment and executing the pilot deployment of the SaaS application.

    Functional Configuration:
    Provides configuration of the SaaS application environment using best practices; mapping the customer's needs to the developer's capabilities. Includes development of test scripts and preparing the system for user acceptance criteria.  

    Technical Consulting / Integration Development:
    Provides SaaS application interface design, development, testing and documentation. Includes 3rd party system data into and out of the SaaS application.  Also Single Sign On implementation guidance where required.

    Includes preparing and delivering all training for users, technical staff and other employees involved with the SaaS application. Determines best practice for training (classroom, webinar, simulations, etc.).  Develops all curriculum and documentation custom to customer's specific configuration.

    Report Development:
    Design and development of all custom / ad hoc reports required by the customer using the SaaS application's proprietary report development capabilities or a 3rd party reporting / business intelligence tool.

  • SaaS Post Go Live Services from Turnkey:

    Post Go Live services from a SaaS provider should be a great opportunity to both improve customer satisfaction and generate revenue.  Some post go live services (like some measure of customer support) are required components of the base application. Other post go live services, (like premium support services or comprehensive system administration) may be presented to customers as add on services. Before your customers go looking for these services from an unknown 3rd party, offer them to your client and improve satisfaction while driving additional revenue where possible. SaaS Post Go Live services from TurnKey: More>
    • Improve customer satisfaction through increased success
    • Generates high margin revenue
    • Tightens the relationship between the SaaS provider and customer

    SaaS Post Go Live Services from TurnKey include:

    Help Desk Support for End Users and/or Administrators:
    Toll free access to help desk support; answers to user and administrator questions from experts improving user efficiency and system acceptance.

    System Administration:
    Customers can outsource all or part of the administration of the SaaS application to TurnKey, improving overall results and cutting internal costs.

    Integration As A Service:
    Move SaaS application interfaces and integrations to the Cloud with big savings and benefits for the IT group.  TurnKey moves the only part of a SaaS implementation that's not SaaS to the cloud as a monthly service. The integration is designed, monitored, maintained and supported by TurnKey.

    Business Process Audits:
    Audits of customer usage of the application verifying company policy compliance

    Electronic Payments:
    If your SaaS application deals with financial data, TurnKey specializes in developing NACHA ACH payment instructions

    Document Handling and Imaging:
    If any aspect of the SaaS application requires the integration of scanned or faxed documents; TurnKey has a variety of services for customers to outsource the handling and imaging.

    Report Development:
    Design and development of all custom / ad hoc reports required by the customer using the SaaS application's proprietary report development capabilities or a 3rd party reporting / business intelligence tool.